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 van Gogh Furniture Paintology

A fabulous line of products to refinish tired old pieces of furniture.  Fossil Paint (which is water-based paint with a high content of chalk in it)  in 26 GORGEOUS COLOURS, hand made BEESWAX and more.  C'mon...get your hands dirty!

Golden has a fabulous website - check them out here:  

PROCEED by GOLDEN’ Decorative Painting System is manufactured by US based ‘Golden Artist Colors.’ Simplifying decorative painting materials and putting the control back into the hands of artists. Studio van Gogh is the only distributor of Proceed products in Canada.

Glazing Mediums

Proceed Painting & Glazing Mediums are designed for interior decorative applications such as faux finishing, wood graining and trompe l’oeil murals. They are intended to be used in conjunction with other Proceed decorative products, including the Proceed Slow-Drying Fluid Acrylics and Proceed Pigment Dispersions. The two glazing mediums can be blended together at any ratio to adjust the consistency of the working mixture as needed.

Full Bodied Painting and Glazing Medium

Sets up to a thicker consistency when left undisturbed and is less likely to drip and run from application tools when working on broad wall and ceiling applications.

Low Viscosity Painting and Glazing Medium

Formulated at a thinner ‘at rest’ consistency and is more ‘oil like.’

Rough Irregular Texture

Exhibits both smooth and rough characteristics, takes glazes well and makes an ideal painting ground for murals and ornamentation work.

Rough Regular Texture

Creates a coarse surface and can resemble cut stone block and stucco. Takes glazes well and makes an ideal painting ground for murals and ornamentation work.

Smooth Absorbent Texture

Produces a smooth, absorbent surface with a fine, uniform relief that readily accepts paints and glazes while retaining a dry matte finish.

Smooth Transparent Glazing Texture

A versatile medium that creates the look of traditional waxed finishes as well as smooth, hard transparent layers of colour is tinted.

Smooth Translucent Texture

Creates the look of ‘Veneziano’ Venetian plasters as well as other old world and contemporary looks that rely on layering of translucent colour.

Smooth Light-Bodied Texture

A smooth light body texture for creating soft fabric feeling finishes. It is a fluffy and warm texture but provides a durable coating.

Metallic Texture

A translucent acrylic metallic plaster tinting base that yields a wide range of light to highly saturated colours using either the Proceed Pigment Dispersions of Slow-Drying Fluid Acrylics.

Metallic Mediums

Iridescent acrylic mediums highly pigmented with mica pigments to produce a strong metallic effect. Tintable with Pigment Dispersions of Slow-Drying Fluids. Colours: Pearl, Gold Copper Bronze

Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics

Waterborne paints with long open time and easy blending. Used to tint glazes or paint with oil painting techniques. These paints are designed to blend for 15 minutes, build at 45 minutes, still wipe off with water at an hour and a half, dry hard overnight on semi-porous substrate, and fully cure after 24-48 hours. They are creamy and stay that way on your palette without drying. These paints will not dry hard on your brushes like traditional acrylics, allowing you to use a wider range of bristles.

Colors: Titanium white, carbon black, quinacridone magenta, pyrrole red light, red oxide,  

transparent red iron oxide, raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw umber burnt umber, alizarin crimson hue, van dyke brown hue, yellow oxide, hansa yellow opaque, dairylide yellow, phthalo green YS, chromium oxide green, terre verte green hue, phthalo blue G/S, ucerulean blue, dioxazine purple, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, hansa yellow light

Pigment Dispersions

Concentrated,aqueous dispersions of permanent, lightfast pigments in a polymeric resin. Formulated as an additive pnly. Use only to colour painting mediums and textures. Compatible with most waterborne systems. DO NOT USE with solvent-based materials.

Colors: Titanium white, carbon black, quinacridone magenta, red oxide, trans red iron oxide, raw umder, burnt umber, yellow oxide, hansa yellow opaque, phthalo green/YS, phthalo blue/GS, ultramarine blue, dioxazine purple

Matting Additive

Proceed Matting Additive is a concentrated dispersion of flatting agents in an acrylic base. It creates matte finishes with high transparency. Blend with Proceed Painting and Glazing Mediums, Smooth Translucent Glazing Texture, Smooth Translucent Texture, or with Proceed Slow Drying Fluid Acrylics to lower the gloss and sheen.

Oikos Products Antique Stucco Solutions

Marmorino Naturale

This traditional and prestigious marble finish is proposed with Marmorino Naturale by Oikos, a precious lime based stuco. An historic, natural, hygienic material for the realisation of prestigious finishes. 

Raffaelo Decor Finish Stucco

A vapor permeable wall coating based on lime putty, and is ideal for recreating an ancient style of decoration, the so called "marble   effect". The use of RAFFAELLO DÉCOR STUCCO by OIKOS guarantees maximum vapour permeability and aids the natural diffusion of humidity through the wall, therefore avoiding   the formation, over time, of mould and bacteria. The product has a low odor level, is non flammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.

Stone and Marble Solutions

Travertino Romano

A superb decorative finish that recreates the same aesthetic effect as that of stone, in particular that of Travertine used in Roman times. It is possible to achieve this effect with Travertino Romano, formulated with powders derived from marble together with special binders. It is a touch of class that valorises every surface with a block effect making this rih surface seem extremely realistic.

Fabric and Velvet Finish


A vapour permeable coating, that due to its formulation based on resins in water dispersion and special metallic pigments, makes it possible to obtain   unique decorative finishes in either a classic style or a more modern design. The principle characteristic of OTTOCENTO is that of reproducing, according to the   reflection of light, an effect similar to that of velvet. It has a low odour level, is non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environmentally.


An interior decorative plaster based on acrylic resins in water dispersion and selected fillers. Thanks to its composition the product remains soft to touch and easy to work with. It is able to produce classic decorations or modern   designs using the architect’s fantasy and the ability of the decorator with the right tool: a scratch pad, a tool for cor du roy effect, a steel trowel, a plastic trowel, a marine sponge, a bristle pad and a brush, to allow a whole series of effects   in various colours and styles, adapting the decoration to perfectly suit the setting to be decorated. KREOS is abrasion resistant, vapour permeable, has a low odour level, is non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.

Chromatic Tone Finishes


A special, water based, decorative paint whose metallic coloured accents, its blends that according to the light change effect as if the wall was covered in velvet, confirm the union between antique techniques and modern product giving the surroundings a charming and prestigious feel that   is difficult to obtain with a normal paint. The product is easy and quick to use and gives no problems of joints during application. Thanks to its composition, the product can be used in interior settings, giving the surfaces a charming effect with a transparent metallic veil. With Encanto antique   art, modern design and fashion, as if by magic, are brought together in a single product that with these coloured, metallic accents leaving an enchanting look on the wall. ENCANTO is vapour permeable, has a low odour level, is non inflammable and friendly to both humans and the environments.  


An even colour, silk finish, decorative paint that is characterised by the varying reflections that change depending on the intensity of the light. PALLAS by OIKOS satisfies   the most sophisticated decorative needs, rekindling the antique splendour of wall tapestries that once adorned the interiors of the most luxurious villas. The product is water based and is composed   of high tech resins that make it washable and give it sanitising properties. It has a low odour level, is non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.


Offers the possibility to decorate in a classical style or according to the more modern, vivid interior decorations of today. A trowel, a cloth, a buffer pad, a spray gun, a brush, a roller, a marine sponge, the imagination of a designer and the versatility of this product allow the expert   hand of the applicator to create a unique, personalised, decorative effect that can be adapted to suit the environment to be decorated. The composition of MULTIDECOR by OIKOS, based on acrylic resins in water dispersion and special metallic and pearly components make the highly flexible in terms of the variety   of decorative effects that can be achieved. MULTIDECOR is available in three versions: E(gloss), E OPAC (mat) and ES (irridescent). The product is washable. It conforms to the norm D.I.N 53 778 S SM, has a low odour level, is non inflammable is friendly to both humans and the environment.

Metallic Stucco Finish

Raffaello Madreperlato

A special Mother of Pearl finish for RAFFAELLO DÉCOR STUCCO. Based on lime putty, the product guarantees   the substrate maximum vapour permeability and aids the natural diffusion of humidity through the wall, thus avoiding, over time, the formation   of mould and bacteria. It has a low odour level, is non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.

Siloxanc Finish


The choice of thick siloxanic coating and various grain sizes gives the perfect union of high technology and aesthetic quality. DecorSil is the maximum level of expression of current technology for faades. It is designed for highly prestigious buildings or buildings that are subject to aggressive climatic conditions.

Smooth Lime Paint

Lime Paint Wash

Traditional plaster is a prestigious coloured lime based coating that is ideal for use in historical centres and on buildings with a high architectural value. It’s exclusive formulation creates a surface that has a slightly rough texture following the traditional methods of creating an antique effect. The lime based finish offers notable vapor permeability to the surface.


From prehistory to modern day, Earth Colors of Provence captures the imagination. Today, as we move toward using natural, non-toxic, environmentally conscious products, Earth Colors Of Provence Natural Earth Pigments have become more popular than ever and share a rich history with the great artists of the past as well as the beautiful styles and colors of Provence today.




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